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"Absolutely Love this salon!! The obvious is awesome. All the styles are always courteous and pleasant. Great Service!! "

"I love the new location. It is more spacious and the design/layout is nice."
- Anonymous

"Lily International is definitely a hidden treasure in ATL. This place is amazing!!! And all the stylists there are wonderful, You can???t go wrong. I have been going to Lily for 10 years now, and color my hair every 3 month or so, and my hair still looks super healthy. I call her the hair doctor, she revives the worst hair and somehow gives it life. She is so passionate about her work, and the people around her.
# 10 Years strong"
- Ruthy T | Specialist - Lily Girma

"Very professional setting."
- Anonymous

"This shop has the best stylist in Atlanta. I have watched all of them & they do a phenomenal job on their clients!! You guys rock!!!!!"

- Marica A

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